Springtime Activity 2023 – Rules

The CW QRS Telegram group
Presents the
Springtime Activity 2023


Participation: this is a world-wide activity, open to all the licensed amateur radio operators, operating in accordance to the limits and restrictions of their own country, and in agreement of the international band plans.

Aim: to foster “open-air” ham radio activity

Dates: from 0000 UTC on Saturday 27th May 2023 to 2359 UTC on Sunday 4th June 2023

Mode: CW only

Power: There are no power restrictions, so the only limit is the legal power allowed by your license., but the power used in each QSO must be specified in the log, as the score depends on it, as explained below.

Bands: All ham radio bands, in accordance to the agreed band plans.


QSOs are divided into three categories:

BASE: Each QSO from a base station (i.e., a permanent QTH), without any power limit, is worth 1 point.

PORTABLE NO LIMITS: Each valid SOTA, POTA, BOTA, Front of the Sea QSO or any /P QSO from a non-referenced location, without power limits, is worth 2 points

PORTABLE QRP: Each valid SOTA, POTA, BOTA, Front of the Sea QSO or any /P QSO from a non-referenced location, completed using a transmit power of no more than 5W is worth 4 points.

It follows that the main focus of the Springtime Activity is to foster all kinds of portable radio activities, without discouraging those ham fellows who want/can only operate from a base station and/or without power limits.

The higher score attributed to low-power QSOs aims to give good chances to QRP /P stations.

QSO made during a contest are not valid for the Sprintime Activity.


You can choose to upload your logs on a daily basis, or at the end of the Activity. Each log upload must contain only QSOs of one type, i.e., either base, portable no limits, or portable QRP. If you upload only one log, you can choose only one type of activity. If you upload multiple logs, you will be requested to specify the kind of activity relevant to each log (e.g., base, portable no limits, or portable QRP). You can participate to only one category on any given day, so all the QSO you upload for one day must belong to the same category (i.e., base, portable no limits, or portable QRP).

Log upload link

All the logs to be uploaded through the website: https://cwqrs.pythonanywhere.com/

All the logs are due by the 10th of June 2023, at 2359 UTC.

Important note

By submitting a log you agree for your log to be used by the organizers of the Activity: i) to compute the final scores, ii) to obtain statistics about participants, and iii) to report about the activity on newsletters, periodical publications and other similar amateur radio magazines, either in paper or electronic form.


All the participants submitting at least one log will receive a participation certificate in PDF.