The purpose of the CW QRS Telegram Group is to promote the use of Telegraphy in different ways starting from Morse code basic courses and gradually accompanying the operators on the exciting paths of High Speed Telegraphy.

It is no coincidence that our motto is: from QRS to QRQ.

Contests, activities, online courses, video conferences, group and individual training by specific softwares to improve receiving and sending in CW are concrete actions that we carry out continuously to raise the level of our performance.

You can find us on air and in search of the “rag chewing QSO”, which is our greatest interest, although we also practice the “standard” QSO, participate in contests and enjoy the DXing.

We always tend to increase the quality and, when possible, the speed of our sending over time. It is our opinion that this can only be achieved with constant study and practice on air.

Very often we try to meet an operator more expert than we are, in order to learn and even maybe “steal” some of his Art.

An old aphorism states that “telegraphists are people who don’t have much to say to each other, but who have a lot of time to do it”. In our case the opposite is true: we have a lot to tell each other, unfortunately the time to do it is never too much!

If you listen on 7.034 or 3554 kHz, you will probably find us “on air”. Please, give us a call to say hello: we will be happy to answer you and… Who can tell that? Maybe you could fall in love with this beautiful group of friends!

73 everybody and CW forever!

CW QRS Italia Telegram Group.